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7 Digital Marketing Strategies That Actually Work
7 Digital Marketing Strategies That Actually Work
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Failing to hit your targets is very demotivating for both you and your team, so don’t make life harder than it needs to be. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should set easy goals either, you still need to be constantly challenging yourself and pushing the boundaries, so try to find the middle ground. Try to be as specific as possible when creating your goals and focus only on one clearly defined metric. Generally speaking, those who set vague and ambiguous goals are less likely to achieve them. With focused marketing objectives you can help to eliminate distractions and make your end goals clearly visible.



The idea is to build a picture of what types of earned media will help you reach your goals (and what won't) based on historical data. However, if there's something new you want to experiment with, don't rule it out just because it's never been done before. To support your content's success, you might post about the content on your Facebook page and pay to have it seen by more people in your target audience. Say you have an owned piece of content on a landing page on your website that's been created to help you generate leads. You know you want to incorporate different parts of the framework rather than just working with owned, earned, or paid media alone.



Use our RACE digital marketing dashboard to simplify your reporting of Google Analytics goals for monthly reviews. In my experience, a common challenge is where to start drawing up your digital marketing plan. I think there is a fear that a massive report is required, but we believe that lean planning works best. That's why all our Learning Paths are integrated across the RACE Framework, so you can create one integrated strategy. If your business operates a physical storefront, one of your main goals is likely to bring customers into your location. Online marketing strategies, likelocal SEO, can help you achieve this goal and attract more foot traffic — even some strategies not featured on this list, likegeofencing advertising, may help.



Following digital marketing trends can make a huge difference to the success of any business. Almost all consumers use the internet to discover, research, and buy from brands, meaning a company's online presence is one of the most important areas to focus on. There are plenty of ways that your brand can use its online presence to grow and expand.



Changes that could have normally taken years to happen took place in weeks, or less in some cases. Consider the rise of virtual medical appointments, online banking and digital diamond sales. Click-Through Rate – This measure tells you how much impact a piece of digital content had on your prospects. Every click means a visit to your site, the central pillar of your digital marketing strategy. Calculate CTR by dividing the total number of clicks on a piece of content by the total number of impressions. If so, focus efforts on search engine optimization and consider investing in a search engine marketing /pay-per-click campaign to drive users to your website.



When done right, it’s a low cost, minimal effort strategy for delivering your message directly into the hands of targeted customers. We’re not the only ones that think personalization is vital for marketing both online and offline. Take for example, that Facebook offers businesses the ability to personalize content by building lists of followers for retargeting. This is an excellent example of how big data can help your segment one large audience into smaller pieces and appeal to them through more profound levels of personalization. For online businesses who have been around for some time, there’s nothing more concerning that seeing those traffic comparison metrics in the red.



Investing time into your analytics strategy will allow you to prove that your efforts are delivering high-quality leads that convert into sales. It’s well trusted, it costs practically nothing from a business point of view, however, it should not be solely relied upon. Read more about buy followers instagram here. The thing about WOM marketing is you don’t really have much control over it.



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