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Social Media Networks Are Coming To The Blockchain
Social Media Networks Are Coming To The Blockchain
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Read more about buy real twitter followers here. It is conceivable that the public interest sector could collaborate with one or several identity providers to develop digital profiles that reflect the needs of civil society, and not only those of business. First, it calls for treating an individual’s online persistent identity as an extension of citizenship; it recognizes that identity in the digital age can and should be configured to support civil society. Secondly, it treats the Internet as a public territory, an open and integrated system that the citizens of the planet hold in common (and which hosts both commercial and not-for-profit initiatives). Third, it enables individuals to more easily meet others outside their existing social networks with whom they can collaborate on public interest issues, as well as share information and media.



Ultimately, this leads to more engaging content, highly personalized feeds, and targeted advertisements which make the social platform more valuable and lucrative. Blockchain-powered social media offers a diverse variety of monetization tools and allows to create more revenue-generating channels. Running hashing algorithms on the blockchain requires high computing power. Mining requires specialized hardware that becomes obsolete in around 18 months.



As you can see from the graph and the formula, the value of creator coins grows exponentially as more coins are held in the wallet. Initially, all accounts have zero coins and more are minted as users or the creator buys them. The value of the coin is determined by the quantity as per the graph above. Networking Effects — if you move to another platform, you need to start from zero; You need to gather your followers, likes, and reputation on a completely new platform with fewer users.



Some applications of the technology have shown that smart contracts are great for implementing near-perfect efficiency in markets and in anything that we can automate. And, with oracles taking care of feeding the machines more and more data, we will likely be able to expand what we can automate further and further as years go by. Blockchain allows the protection of users’ data through decentralized identity and other private systems. These systems could allow users greater supremacy through tools that enable them to own and control their data.



But without a dedicated public interest effort to address this issue, we cannot be sure what the final draft of the specifications will call for. A civil society approach to persistent identity is a cornerstone of the Augmented Social Network project. What follows is a description of the technical architecture for the Augmented Social Network. Think of it as a map of interrelated initiatives necessary to bring the ASN into being.



Who decides how information is classified, what the ontological map of a topic should be? Shouldn’t the stakeholders in a particular community be able to determine this for themselves? Today that work is only being done by those with the resources to do it – primarily in the commercial sector.



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